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Excavations on the Underground unearthed an ancient alien spacecraft in Quatermass and the Pit , and dormant dragons in Reign of Fire Another fictional station, Hobbs End, features in the science fiction film Quatermass and the Pit. Deleted scenes for Shaun of the Dead features the fictional Crouch End station. A rare recreation of the network in the Edwardian era featured in the adaptation of Henry James 's The Wings of the Dove in The London underground of the s is also recorded in Anthony Asquith 's silent classic Underground , while the film Battle of Britain shows the tunnel network converted to provide shelter for Londoners during the Blitz.

Aldwych tube station , formerly on a branch of the Piccadilly line , has been used as the location for many films and television productions, especially since the branch and station closed in and the platforms have been left intact making it suitable for filming and photography purposes, due to the absence of a regular train service. A s tube train permanently is based at the station and heritage rolling stock can be brought in for filming - London Underground have retained one of their trains which can be used for historic appearances.

In more recent years filming has also taken place at the former Jubilee line platforms at Charing Cross station, [2] which were withdrawn from regular use when the line was extended in avoiding the station.


Nigel Kneale 's Quatermass films and television series helped to popularise London as the setting for science fiction stories. The Quatermass Xperiment ends with Professor Quatermass cornering an alien monster in Westminster Abbey , while Quatermass and the Pit begins with an alien space craft being discovered during the construction of a new London Underground station. The John Wyndham novel The Day of the Triffids was made into a film in which also features scenes in London, while the much-derided film Lifeforce involved vampires from space taking over the city.

The thriller Seven Days to Noon featured a scientist who threatens to destroy London with a nuclear bomb, and was notable for its scenes of the city's evacuated and deserted streets. Despite the great difficulties involved in achieving this, the feat was repeated for the horror film 28 Days Later in , which begins with the hero waking from a coma and wandering across a deserted Westminster Bridge.

Another nuclear threat was explored in The Day the Earth Caught Fire which has many notable scenes in London, including the Thames running dry. It also includes a lot of scenes inside the old Express Building on Fleet Street and Arthur Christiansen , the recently retired editor of the Daily Express , effectively plays himself. Both Things to Come and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy begin with the city being destroyed, by war and alien attack respectively, while the horror comedy Shaun of the Dead is set in the city during a zombie attack.

The film Daleks' Invasion Earth: A.

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Futuristic London is terrorized in the film V for Vendetta 1 in U. The film was based on the graphic novel V for Vendetta. In Children of Men , the London of is a grim place, full of refugees, armed policemen and exploding bombs. The Bollywood sci-fi Superhero adventure Ra. One begins in London, where the protagonist Dr. Much of the film was shot in various parts of the city. Historic periods in the city's underworld have been portrayed in a small number of films.

Examples include Where's Jack? A number of films have depicted the underbelly of the city away from the familiar tourist sites.

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The documentary The London Nobody Knows , based on the book of the same name by Geoffrey Scowcroft Fletcher and presented by James Mason , attempted to show some unfamiliar aspects of the city, as did Patrick Keiller's documentary London. The latter attempted to capture the state of the Lower Lea Valley prior to its transformation ahead of the London Olympics. Other films have tried to use less familiar locations in a new way.

Terry Gilliam 's Orwellian fantasy Brazil also used the cooling towers of the same power station as a location, as did Michael Radford 's film version of George Orwell 's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. London Kills Me portrays the city's immigrant and drug subcultures in the early Thatcher years, in a similar vein as My Beautiful Laundrette The acclaimed film Beautiful Thing depicted the lives of two gay teenagers living on the South London housing estate of Thamesmead. Breaking and Entering , a romantic drama , by Academy Award-winning director Anthony Minghella , shot and set in King's Cross , a blighted, inner-city neighbourhood of London, examines an affair which unfolds between a successful British landscape architect and a Bosnian woman — the mother of a troubled teen son — who was widowed by the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

London has been a popular location for children's and especially Disney films over the last 40 years. These, however, were all filmed in the U. The film Melody also known as S. The Harry Potter films 1 in U. Stormbreaker , the first novel in the bestselling Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz , was turned into a film in The film also features several action sequences in the city, including a horse chase through central London and the main characters fighting on the rooftop of a skyscraper.

Paddington features several London locations, and includes modern landmarks such as The Shard and the London Eye.

The series followed a similar template——a group of adventurers pitting themselves against overwhelming threats. The big difference was that the leader, King, was no superman. King could feel fear, and make mistakes. The premise is virtually identical——giant creatures are terrorizing the rural population.

Authorities are helpless. Only the resourceful Secret 6 team is up to the challenge. Chapter 2: Suicide? The Secret 6 Audiobook 2. Scouring the Underworld, King assembles a team of shadowy specialists who dedicate themselves to hunting down The Red Shadow. They are backed by a small army of unsavory underworld informers ranging from Legs Larkin to Flo the Fleecer. But what a glorious run! For their second exploit, The Secret 6 go up against a Mayan curse that turns members of the wealthy Waldorff clan into Living Dead Men. Will The Secret 6 triumph——or will Mayan vengeance make it their tomb?

Scouring the Underworld, he assembles a team of shadowy specialists who dedicate themselves to hunting down The Red Shadow. One will not survive…. With this seventh Green Lama audiobook, we come to the climax of the original adventures of millionaire Jethro Dumont, who journeyed to the mountains of Tibet and came back on a mission to erase evil from the face of the earth as the first Buddhist superhero, The Green Lama!

Bloody footprints left by no visible being leave a scene of murder, but where will they take the investigation? Only The Green Lama Knows.

Although Crossen continued his jade-robed hero in comic books and on radio, he never wrote another novelette. But The Lama went out in style, investigating the bizarre circumstances surrounding the slaying of a high-ranking German diplomat——whose face was shaved by his mysterious murderer after death. Working from that baffling clue, The Green Lama follows a trail of blood to a satisfying conclusion, assisted by his surviving circle of followers, which included magician Theodor Harrin and the ever-mysterious Lady from Lhasa, Magga.

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James C. Lewis reads the swan song of the strangest pulp superhero ever imagined… Om Mani Padme Hum! The Green Lama Knows!