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An amazing place for photographers to test their chops, and a marvel for anyone who walks through it. The best areas of the park are on Navajo land, meaning a National Parks Pass won't work here. You'll have to pay separately to get in, but it's well worth it. The Grand Canyon is the mother of all road trip destinations, but the discerning traveler will realize that its more of a quick trip than a multi-day stopover. While the views from the top are unprecedented, the hike into the canyon is taxing and doesn't offer much extra unless you're willing to descend all the way into the valley.

Speaking of that long descent, you should really only tackle a round-trip route in the same day if you're a seasoned hiker and have all the necessary gear. The height difference between the edge and the valley is about meters. While the temperatures are below freezing in the morning, they can reach 30 degrees down in the valley. The proximity to Mexico means its easy to take the tram south if you have the time.

It was one of the first in the world to converted their old cages into plexiglass enclosures with plenty of space.

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Their conservation program has played an important role with the giant panda population. No matter how you feel about it when you leave, the city is definitely an experience. And don't forget to find the secret celebrity crush of your youth on the Walk of Fame. Each time you turn a corner, it seems the views just get better and better, with the towering, jagged peaks of the San Juan Mountains and multitude of interesting historic mining structures to gaze at. Though the section of the roadway referred to as the Million Dollar Highway stretches for about 25 miles in southwestern Colorado, following U.

Be sure not to miss any must see stops along the Pacific Coast Highway. Unlike most highways, this nearly century-old route was built purely for the scenery, and it definitely delivers in a big way.

The magnificent, winding highway stretches for about 75 miles, from Troutdale to The Dalles in northern Oregon. It was the very first paved road in the Pacific Northwest, and the first scenic highway in the nation. Going To The Sun Road is a jaw-droppingly beautiful mile highway that divides Glacier National Park east and west, spanning the width of the park and crossing the Continental Divide.

Top attractions in the western United States

Frequently named one of the best, if not the very best, scenic drives in the U. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep often hang out at Logan Pass, soaking up the sunshine right along the roadway. This one is bound to make your heart pound, and some feel that it requires nerves of steel to get through portions of it. The byway crests at nearly 11, feet in elevation, at the aptly named viewpoint, Top of the World. This section of US Highway 50 was given its name for somewhat obvious reasons — it passes through a primarily barren uninhabited, extremely remote area of Nevada.

At the same time, it offers that fabulous freedom of the open road feeling along with a number of interesting distractions. The highway follows the Pony Express route, skirting mining camps and going over juniper and pine forest-covered mountain ranges. One of the must-experience highlights here is Great Basin National Park, one of the least-visited and most remote national parks in the country, with hiking trails to pristine mountain lakes and ancient pine forests where you can walk for hours without seeing another soul. Its isolation and desert air also mean you can enjoy some of the darkest night skies in the continental U.

S, with meteors, millions of stars and five planets all coming into view. A road trip on the Kenail Peninsula offers the chance to experience the ultimate wilderness adventure, including some of the best fishing, paddling, hiking and wildlife watching. Make your way through Chugach State Park with its soaring, craggy peaks, azure-hued glaciers, dazzling lakes and waterfalls, as well as the vast 1.

Along the way, see some of the oldest mountains in the world, Whitewater Falls, and Linville Gorge. The area is filled with opportunities for fishing, camping, mountain biking and hiking. Travel bloggers Laurence and Jessica Norah detail this trip from Charleston to New Orleans, taking in the history and cultural traditions of the deep South.

Starting in Charleston, S.

Popular Road Trips

This route takes you to Savannah, Ga. Above, a tree-lined road at the historic Wormsloe Plantation in Savannah. Martin Luther King Jr. This trip ends in New Orleans, where you can visit the French Quarter, check out the old cemetaries, see the riverboats, and enjoy the music and fine food.

To see the full Deep South itinerary, visit FindingtheUniverse.

The Ultimate 2-Week Western Road Trip

You can get scenery overload on this epic journey from the mile-high city, all the way to Yellowstone National Park. From there, head to Estes Park, Colo. See snow-covered peaks, blue lakes, and alpine meadows of wildflowers along the way. From Colorado you'll enter Utah, which is loaded with national parks, including Arches, above, and Canyonlands. Nevada's U. The emptiness makes it a favorite among motorcyclists. This is a designated national historic trail that traverses west across six states for 2, miles, starting in Independence, Missouri, and ending in Oregon City, which is south of Portland.

USA West Coast Road Trip Itinerary: 6 Places You Must Visit

You can still see the wagon wheel ruts where pioneers with wagons walked for weeks on end in search of lush farmlands of the west. Learn the history of these determined pioneers and the Native Americans who lived here. Visit Fort Laramie, above, in Wyoming.

EPIC USA Road Trip! (2,361 Miles, 21 Days, 7 States and 6 Nat'l Parks)

Near Guernsey, Wyo. In Gustavus Glenn built a ferry boat so that his wagons and others could cross the Snake River. At this time, traffic on the Oregon trail was heavy in both directions. See the colorful rock formations and walk through the painted hills, above. Finish up in lively Portland, where you can visit the museums and enjoy the coffee shops, microbreweries, restaurants and galleries.

Head on over the the National Park Service site for a detailed description of the 2, mile Oregon trail. Don't rush this trip -- enjoy the beaches and fine hotels on the Florida Keys, have a piece of key lime pie, and adapt to the laid-back lifestyle.

Finish in Key West, above. Start in Washington's capital, Olympia, above, in the shadow of Mt.