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While an audio statement has claimed the attack to be carried out by ISIS affiliates, it is unclear whether the attacker was affiliated with ISIS or other terrorist organizations. The Tunisian government has released images of two additional suspects wanted in connection with the attack. The decisions mainly addressed the pressing need to provide greater security in the country, especially around resort areas, Other decisions addressed closing mosques deemed illegal and controlling foreign funding to civil society organizations.

The decisions included:. Former President Marzouki arrives in Paris after being detained by Israeli officials. The convoy is composed of four ships carrying pro-Palestinian activists and medical equipments in a symbolic attempt to break the siege on Gaza. The Israeli Navy announced that it had intercepted the ship without any notable incident. The ship was redirected to the Ashdod port in Israel under the pretext that it violated the Gaza naval blockade. Moez Sinaoui, Spokesperson for the Tunisian Presidency, announced that the detention is being closely followed by the Office of the President.

Analysts believe that the recession that the country witnessed in is not likely to happen again. Another positive indicator of the possible recovery of the Tunisian economy is the fact that Tunisia has rebuilt net foreign currency assets from About 80 mosques operating outside of government control have been slated for closure. For many Tunisian youth, vulnerable to unemployment and marginalization, the fact that the country does not have a guiding ideology leaves them without a sense of belonging.

Although Tunisia has provided more foreign fighters to the Islamic State than any other country, IS has not managed to gain any territory in Tunisia and does not have widespread support there.

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Source on file. Department of State. Trafficking in Persons Report - Tunisia. Washington, DC: Accessed March 12, Original data from Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey 4, Analysis received January 12, Marzouk, Z. July 13, Analyse de la pauvrete Infantile en Tunisie: Une approche de privations multiples.

Guide to Law Online: Tunisia | Law Library of Congress

Agence France-Presse. La Tunisie veut lutter contre le travail des enfants. April 17, Government of Tunisia. February, Baseline study on trafficking in persons in Tunisia: assessing the scope and manifestations. La presse de Tunisie. December 14, Agency Tunis Afrique Press. Campaign to raise awareness of fight against human trafficking in Tunisia launched.

June 7, Al Ashy, Khawla, and Hanene Zbiss.

Tunisian female students: matrimony or hard labor. Arab Reporters For Investigative Journalism. April 21, Boughzou, Khaled. Samoud, Wafa. February 22, Enacted: Enacted: July 1, Enacted: January 19, Enacted: July 9, Enacted: November 9, Enacted: May 18, Enacted: January 14, Enacted: July 23, May, Official Elements on Child Labor. National Authority against Trafficking in Human Beings officially set up. February 8, Tunisia - Country program document — September 11, October Technical Progress Report.

Washington, DC. Lucia St. Significant Advancement. Prevalence and Sectoral Distribution of Child Labor.

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Table 1. Legal Framework for Child Labor. Tunisia has ratified all key international conventions concerning child labor Table 3. Table 3. Ratification of International Conventions on Child Labor.

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Enforcement of Laws on Child Labor. Table 5.

Important Documents

Coordination of Government Efforts on Child Labor. Table 8.

Acting Assistant Secretary Zeya Delivers Remarks on the 2012 Human Rights Report

Government Policies on Child Labor. Table 9. Key Policies Related to Child Labor. Social Programs to Address Child Labor. Table Embassy- Tunis. January 28, February 26, January 17, August 4, January 12, February 27, February 21, Embassy- Tunis official. June 18, May 1, February 29, February 12, USDOL official. In Country Observations. February 25, March 30, May 30 and June 2, March 18,