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Names similar to Deneb were given to a number of bright stars that mark the tail of the animal their constellations represent, from Deneb Kaitos in Cetus the Whale and Deneb Algiedi in Capricornus the Goat to Denebola, the second brightest star in Leo the Lion constellation. Deneb belongs to the spectral class A2 Ia.

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It is a blue-white supergiant, and one of the most luminous stars known. Among the 30 brightest stars in the sky, Deneb is by far the most distant, by a factor of almost 2. Deneb is the prototype of a class of stars known as Alpha Cygni variables. These stars exhibit non-radial fluctuations of the surface and as a result their spectral type and luminosity change slightly.

Image showing the approximate size of the Sun relative to the much larger Deneb. This image splits the difference and shows Deneb with a radius times that of the Sun. The star has a mass about 19 times that of the Sun. It will have a relatively short life and probably go out in a supernova explosion within the next few million years. In its current phase, Deneb is likely expanding into a red supergiant. It is losing mass at a rate of 0. Cygnus constellation represents the Swan. In Greek mythology, the constellation represents Zeus, who turned himself into a swan to seduce Queen Leda of Sparta.

In another version of the tale, Zeus turned himself into a swan to trick the goddess Nemesis into giving him shelter. The two had an affair and Nemesis produced an egg which was then given to Leda by Hermes.

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She later became famous as Helen of Troy. In the better known version of the myth, Zeus seduced Leda, who was married to King Tyndareus, and she gave birth to two sets of twins: Helen and Clytemnestra, and Castor and Polydeuces. Chinese German. Italian Portuguese. Visual magnitude : 1. Collins English Dictionary.

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