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Why do you think she was unsure as to whether he was innocent or guilty? I think Tami loved her husband that made it difficult to believe any of what he was being accused of. Being married you think you know someone their faults and all. I can imagine many married women would never believe it if their husband was accused of being a rapist. Though not as bad as being a rapist, Tami should not have let him stay when he admitted to cheating on her. Obviously it was difficult for her to let go of her marriage but I can not imagine how I would let my husband stay if he was cheating on me with my best friend.

Have you ever been betrayed like Scott betrayed Tami? If you have, did you react how you thought you would? I have no idea how I would react. I would probably be numb from the pain.

Probably cry and feel sorry for myself. Then hate the people involved in destroying my life.

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Were you shocked by what was revealed about Mirabelle and her life before she met Tami? Do you understand why Mirabelle kept her secrets for so long?

I can imagine that being gay especially in an African family would be difficult. It must have been hard for not have anyone in her family to talk to her anymore or not see her daughter.


My son is joined to my hip so her decision to leave her daughter was difficult for me to understand. I can imagine that revealing who or what she was would have had some consequences that she was not ready to deal with. It also felt abrupt. If it were me I would have gone to the other detective which probably would not have worked but I would have been scared.

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Tami is a brave woman and has a big heart. She helped Beatrix when she was sick even though she had betrayed her. They probably will try to repair their relationship for the children. Honestly I think Tami should just divorce Scott because if it were me I would never be able to let go of what he had done.

I would live my life waiting for the other shoe to drop and that would be a horrible life. Scott, I did not like him at all but I guess he did the right thing by confessing.

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ALthough I feel like he did it because Tami threw him out. Beatrix only changed because she was found out otherwise I think she was delusional.

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I felt sorry for her when she got cancer but I at the same time I felt like it was Karma for what she did to her friend. I am a mom, wife and writer of this blog where I share recipes from Zimbabwe and share craft ideas, patterns and tutorials. I like to make stuff and love to learn new skills. All my patterns and e-books are downloadable from this website.

The Rose Petal Beach

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A magnificent novel, as deep and chilling as the darkest of tides, constantly changing and wielding the power to destroy the landscape as you see it.

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  6. I enjoyed the passion and power with which Koomson writes, and her portrayal of an emotional underworld in which nothing is clear-cut and the line between guilty and innocent is blurred. Pacy and compelling, the twists and turns come thick and fast with a surprise round every corner.

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    The blurb means. Daily Record. The brilliant Dorothy Koomson has produced another page-turner to keep you guessing. Fanny Blake, Author.