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Campus Activities Board. Campus Rec. Student Resources. Student Affairs. Perhaps the most ridiculous drug in the world. How we got there from ditch weed and psychedelics remains a mystery to me, as do many other facets of the early Eighties. Early eighties found me in grad school, where the drug of choice among geology types was beer. Oh, and an occasional foray into Maui Wowie. Not getting into nasal corrosives was probably one of the few things I did right. LSDizzy probably provided the most bang for the buck.

A cheap date, but you never really knew when or if it was gonna take you home. You just sort of had to grab it by the ears and hang on. Mescaline was lots of fun and easier to keep a grip on. No telltale aroma, a comparatively short high, and a total body drug, a laugher.

That shit could turn a school-board meeting into a Marx Brothers movie. Quick change up here with your permission. Are you still a geographical bachelor? I got a ride in Friday, first in two weeks. Twelve easy does it, high cadence miles without problems. I am going to try 20 in the morning.

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I guess I healed up one more time. Good on ya, Pat. Stay healthy, mi amigo! What a great blog.

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Swings from Mexican beer to mind altering drugs to cycling in short order. All of which of course are tied into pleasure inducement receptacles we all have in common. Ya just gotta know which plug to use and when. Joined the Me Too movement as in I also got in my first rides now that the Michigan Switch flipped from winter to summer. Spring as a season is virtually unknown around these parts in recent years. Cautiously optimistic I can keep you guys within a mile or two in sight come June. Broke down and had a tall stem riser put on my drop bar bike. While it truly looks now like a clown bike, by God I am pretty comfy.

No worries Herb.

That, are you could use the cassette as a meat platter at a Viking feast. When Patrick and I rode the Paseo del Bosque path last year, he quickly figured out a comfortable pace for me and kept it there.

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Spring was always short in SE Arizona, but it also disappeared a few years ago. Patrick checked it out for me, and he said it would be convenient location for the rides. There are two Courtyards and leave it to Herb to book the wrong one. Management will be restored by this evening.